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Aug 26, 2009 7:00pm EDT
america. stay with us. óçfa fa >>> welcome back. ted kennedy was in the senate longer than most americans have been alive. part of a family tradition, shipping american politics for more than half a century. gary has that legacy. >> his brother, john, set the tone in a more innocent time. >> ask what you can do for your country. >> a call for energetic involvement in public life. >> all of the kennedys left the message saying, you can make a difference, you can make the country a better place. >> idealists responded. and the world did change, bruce morton watched it change. >> you think back to 1960 when john kennedy ran, the south was segregated, blacks couldn't vote. we come a long way. >> got there before we knew who the beetles were, stayed there when the idealism was wounded by assassination. the belief in government, its leaders was wounded too. vietnam, nixen, watergate. kennedy's friend, thomas. >> if you are putting that faith in politicians or in princes and kings, you are ultimately going to be disappointed because nobody can make your life better than you. > some of
Aug 25, 2009 7:00pm EDT
government is untrustworthy. >> i feel it would be very bad for america. we have the best system already. >> it's like a great mansion with a leaky roof. you want to take a wrecking ball and tear the mansion down. >> inside, the room held 400 residents, 100 more were on the waiting list to hear congressman's view on healthcare reform. >> i think if you look at the economics of healthcare, we are in trouble. >> he told them that the u.s. spends $7,000 per person every year on healthcare. twice what all other entry yamized nations spend. much of the burden comes from the 47 million americans without insurance. >> deductibles in the last ten years have doubled. premiums in the last ten years have doubled. copayments in the last ten years have doubled. while insurance company profits have gone up 428%. >> the concerns for residents kept coming. >> i don't think we need to throw out our present healthcare and have a whole new government system. i am totally against the government system. >> connolly told them the plan is to build on the system we have, not to federalize healthcare. one of the
Aug 28, 2009 7:00pm EDT
as america prepares to say good-bye to senator kennedy at arlington national cemetery. >>> slow start. some prince georges county school students are waiting for their final class assignments. >>> and bring it on, tonight the redskins take on the patriots out at fedex. >>> i'm sara walt, at fedex field where tonight we will get a much clearer picture of what this redskins offense can really do. jason campbell and company are in search of the first preseason touchdown. >> i would love to have scored, you know, 15 touchdowns already in the last two games. i want to see a sustained drive. i want to see us push it in when we get down to the three yard line. stay together, work hard, fight, literally fight to scrap for everything. >> reporter: the redskin and patriots kick off at 8:00. keep it here. starting at 7:30 we will bring you redskins tailgate. >>> i'm scott broom in portion county, a crisis that marred the first week of school here has still not been completely resolved. >> right now we're at 1,273 students who are, who are working an the clock to get their schedules done. >
Aug 11, 2009 7:00pm EDT
survey on aging in america. we asked a battery of questions. did you do any of the following? did you drive a car? did you go shopping? did you get into an argument? did you take a nap? did you have trouble sleeping? what we found is that in a typical day, 1/3 of american adults take a nap. this is true of adults in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 70s. adults in their 80s, napping goes up half of adults in their 80s take a nap. across the board, 1/3 of the country is taking naps. >> is it because we don't get enough sleep at night? >> there's a correlation there. we also asked that question and a quarter of the nation said i had trouble sleeping. men take more naps than women, especially men over the age of 50. >> what's this all about? >> i don't know. women have more trouble sleeping than men. >> wait a second, men have more sleeping, but men take more naps. go figure. >> what's the average length of this nap? >> we didn't ask. and so we really don't know. when we ask a question like that, people say yeah, i nodded off for five minutes when i was in the metro on the way into work or no
Aug 14, 2009 7:00pm EDT
children it jumps to one third. one third of the uninsured in america are either an immigrant, legal or illegal or the u.s. born child of an immigrant. the numbers are big but most of the uninsured are not immigrants or their their children. >> 43 billion is what it costs for overall inuninsured and 12 billion is coming from foreign. >> illegal and legal. >> imgrants in the legal. >> this is a huge topic. it is not easy to go over in three minutes but thank you for clarifying what we are dealing with and what portion of the country the universal health bill will take. thank you so much. >>> right now a quick check on the weather. topper, seemed like a typical summer day out there. >> it was. very nice actually. temperature in the upper 80s. a little breeze. a couple of showers on radar. we will show you that in a minute. for on the, partly cloudy sky and temperatures will stay mild. mid 60sin the suburbs. low 70s downtown with es htigw naatn l. 82 frederick and 80from 80from ssmaasna and quantico. 85 yoadhedou wnyou down95 to ic rgeder . bu ill d.nost ba orst m atth. 00 storm th noonrth
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5